Quality of television publicity impacts

Date of publication: June 15, 1995


This paper is devided in five chapters. The first one us dedicated to the enourmous contribution of Rating TV adversiting audience, mainly through its quantifing relation. Nevertheless, we should point out that this methodology provides straithgt solutions to measure publicity impacts quality. Thesis is that all impacts are really the same regarding quantity, and that such quality can be surveyed whith the "Scanner". Following it is argued the election of post-coincidental advertising recall, as the criteria to evaluate the publicity impacts quality. In the next chapter, general and specific aims assumed by the Scanner are exposed. The objective is to be able to measure the impacts quality, by analysing as well the possible influence of a long list of variables in TV watchers presence in front of spots and in their attention paid to the advertising stimulus. The result of this performance is a practical tool to improve purchase and sale condition of the advertising spaces, to improve plannification and to measure with higher precision the campaign results. Fourth chapter revise with some detail methodological and technical characteristics of the developed research. When relating advertising rating data provided by Rating Audience (GRP's) with quality data brought by the Scanner (QRP’s) it has been cretaed, in fact, one system with two complementary information sources. Fifth and last chapter expose a selection of interesting conclusions together with the back up information.

Ricardo Romero de Tejada


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