Quality, so what?

Date of publication: November 11, 1996


Relationship with a medium, in the sense of usage of and attitude towards a medium, is underestimated in media-planning. Reading intensity seems to be a good indicator for page exposure, so for the opportunity to see an advertisement. Satisfaction with and attachment to the medium correlate positively correlated with usage. Furthermore these factors create a good atmosphere for contact with the advertisement in a medium. The image congruence hypothesis is introduced. This theory implies that consumers select products and stores that correspond to their self image. Our study proves a high correlation between self image and the image of the medium. The congruity seems to be of importance not only for buying a medium but also for dealing with the medium and the attachment to the medium. Altogether the findings of our study indicate that image congruence is of great importance for both the creative side of advertising and for media planning (stability in contact). What is argued and proved is that quality really matters.

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