Radiocontrol in Switzerland

Date of publication: June 14, 2002


Switzerland is the first and as of now only country in which the population's radio listening is not established by interviews but electronically. Radiocontrol (RC) has been delivering official radio data since January 2001. This paper looks back in retrospect at the last 'measuring' year full of discoveries, surprises and events. After one year of operating the panel and system, first conclusions can be drawn with respect to the rotating panel and the reliability of the system can be evaluated. Acceptance in the market is of course another measuring hallmark. The data analysis in this first year of operation shows familiar findings with more precision and allows the discovery of new and surprising details.In addition, the autumn months showed clearly that the up-to-date medium was appreciated and used. Finally, the key findings in Switzerland can be compared to the first experiences with field tests in other countries.

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