Rebels & revolutionaries

Date of publication: June 15, 2014


We’re six Dutch millennials. And we happen to be six researchers, too. As all of our co-Gen Y’ers, we want to contribute something valuable to a world that keeps on changing rapidly. We want to create positive change for the organisations we work for. But we also want to contribute to the research business itself. A business that has the image of being boring and dull. Exactly the opposite of what we feel we are! Our business needs to innovate and inspire. And we want to be inspired ourselves while driving this change. Since the research industry won’t make that happen for us, we have to make it happen for ourselves. Why do we have to make this happen? We’ll tell you in our performance. How do we make this happen? We’ll tell you that, as well. When do we make this happen? We are doing it right now!

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