Regional adaptation of multinationals

Date of publication: June 15, 2008


There is no doubt that poor public opinion generally has a negative impact on business. In fact, one-third (33%) of Quebecers surveyed by leger Marketing admit that their shopping habits are influenced by other people’s opinion of the stores they frequent. as it does in numerous countries, Wal-Mart decided to pay special attention to Québec and to reinforce its commercial adaptation policy. this has resulted in a more favourable public opinion towards Wal-Mart. Public opinion has increased by 30% in only two years (from 2006 to 2008) in Québec. Wal-Mart also became Quebecers’ favourite place to shop; its market share is up by 1% and sales by close to 10%. Wal-Mart is an exception. a recent survey (leger Marketing, May 2008) shows that 86% of clients find that a good quality/price ratio is more important than a strong reputation

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