Requirements for a future agricultural structure in the German federal state of Brandenburg

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Author: Jochen Pfeiffer


According to common understanding of the actual tasks of a Federal government system in West Germany, priority lies no doubtly in the smooth running of administration. If we were to compare the agricultural structure of the German Federal State of Brandenburg, with the normal structure of that in West Germany, I can only emphasize that we are still far behind. However in some fields we don't strive for West German calibre, although not intentially. Thus our first task in the market economy this year was to firstly analyse and grasp the situation. However we mustn't be too forward with rash concept solutions but to also react as adequately as possible to the problems. This paper would like to lay out my ideas on future agricultural structure of Brandenburg in the following 6 guidelines: A general requirement for the future agricultural orientated structure is to achieve a satisfactory income for the workforce without overproduction. The practice of agricultural production has to be environmentally friendly. A drastic decline in employment is necessary. Under the general conditions of the EEC, a larger area per employee must be expected. We encourage the equality of opportunity of independant first-time farmers in Brandenburg. A political agricultural structure must reflect the wishes and needs of the farmers concerned.

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