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Combining the latest methods & techniques to uncover previously hidden insights on the exciting journey from pregnancy to motherhood. The future of research is supporting decisions with a faster, deeper and richer understanding of consumers' lives, needs and desires. Kimberly-Clark wants to move away from research in siloes and partnered with Ipsos to bring together researchers, technologies & methods to get a deeper understanding of today's consumer and how we can fully understand their motivations and behaviour in the context of their life. In this case study we take a first look at the influences that surround the life of an expectant first time mother to be. We bring her life to life using a combination of Ethnography, Glassnography (Google Glass), Mobile Diaries, Geofencing (Mobile) and Netnography (Passive) to push the boundaries of research and gain a true view on the influences that form a mother's decisions and how these change over time as her confidence and experience grow.

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