Research on values and consumer trends in Norway

Date of publication: June 15, 1989

Author: Erik Dalen


This paper is a brief presentation of the bi-annual survey called The Norwegian Monitor, an extensive survey mapping the value-pattern of the population. The value-pattern describes people's convictions and objectives in life, and can therefore explain behaviour in most fields. As long as the explanatory power of demographics has decreased during the last years, value patterns should be used to characterize target groups and to understand and explain consumer behaviour. The Norwegian value map gives a graphical description of associations between values. The individuals are plotted into the map close to the values they have, and far from the values they don't have. By the two main axes of the map, the population is divided into 4 segments: The Modern Materialists, The Modern Idealists, The Traditional Materialists and The Traditional Idealists. By interpretation of the value-pattern of each of the 4 segments, I describe as an example, probable cues of demands in the field of travel and tourism.

Erik Dalen


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