Research opportunities through technology

Date of publication: June 15, 1984


The use of technology has spawned opportunity rather than hindered the growth of researchers. A chain reaction of opportunities can originate from a handful of advancements. From my own experience at M/A/R/C and visiting other researchers, let me share with you the past, present and future of one software system's effect on market research. Are interviewers obsolete? No. They are just changing the way they collect data. No longer do they have to push pencils and shuffle a lot of paper. Interviewers working with completely automated interviewing software are able to concentrate on their questions and open ended probes rather than worry about skip logic. Sample records and open ended responses are recorded in the system so paper and pencils are no longer needed. What is changing is the way researchers conduct research. And, it is possible that the researchers who do not embrace new technology may themselves become obsolete.

George H. Harmon


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