Research World (July 2007)

Date of publication: July 1, 2007

Catalogue: Research World 2007

Author: ESOMAR B.V.


No-one would deny that online research has grown enormously and that it has become a dominant data collection method. It is clear that online behaviour has also changed rapidly, especially if we take into account Web 2.0 initiatives in creating a more participatory relationship, in which consumers and respondents play a more active role. We have seen market research turnover coming under pressure with more research being commissioned, but more expensive traditional approaches being replaced by cheaper online research: total volume up, but value down! Opinions diverge as to how far researchers have succeeded in bringing sufficient innovation and new value propositions to the market in recent years. The growth of online research has seen heated debates about the claimed quality of these newer working methods, and issues about representativeness and question formulation are accompanied by discussions about how the numerous panels are managed. In this edition of Research World, we turn our attention to the current state of affairs, the technological developments and the position of online research in our industry.

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