Research World (September 2008)

Date of publication: September 1, 2008

Catalogue: Research World 2008

Author: ESOMAR B.V.


In this changing environment, researchers, research clients and decision makers are confronted not only by a need to know, but also to understand, to challenge and to debate. It is with those needs in mind that we set about a fundamental review of what Research World should be and what its role will be going forward in the service of all who are involved in our profession. The mission of the new Research World is to stimulate challenging debate on the critical role of research in commerce and society. It is appropriate that our first issue should be centred on the topic of innovation. There is a tremendous debate shaping up in the articles inside as to whether innovation requires a framework or whether we need, in the words of Malcolm Gladwell. "to embrace uncertainty." We examine top-down innovation as well as co-creation and we examine in depth the psychology and the physiology of people’s reactions to good design, as well as peering into how a company like Philips marries research, creativity and design. We also have new features focusing on technology, career profiles, marketing case histories and guest columns.



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