Revolutionising the way we research emotion

Date of publication: July 12, 2019

Catalogue: Webinars 2019


Reading articles about market research and listening to what research buyers tell us they need, there continues to be a hunger for research to: 1. Capture authentic emotion 2. Deliver actionable diagnostic insight 3. Inspire the confidence to act with robust findings. MM-Eye has created a hybrid qual-quant research technique that does all 3: 1. Collecting emotionally rich qual data at scale 2. Converting it into quant data 3. Using a next-gen AI-powered text analytic approach we have custom designed for market research. It is called ThoughtScape and we would like to share our approach and the learnings we have gained along the way. ThoughtScape is theoretically robust, being grounded in the latest neuroscience understanding of how the brain works. It is also backed up by a decade of use, having been the core of the global brand research we undertake for Jaguar Land Rover. And to illustrate the unique insight ThoughtScape delivers we've conducted a demonstration study. The topic we have chosen is airline brands and the study directly contrasts two matched samples; one using traditional survey approaches, the other including ThoughtScape. And we'd like to share these results to demonstrate the proof of concept.

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