Scaling techniques for comparisons over time and between countries

Date of publication: June 15, 1962


The Stapel Scale is the ideal scale for sampling survey work from a number of important aspects. It requires no effort to produce this scale; it is already printed on a card. It does not vary from time to time or from country to country. It is easy to operate in the field. It is readily comprehensible, so far as the vast majority of respondents are concerned. It is clear what the scale is about, i.e. the subject matter in the light of the questions put in conjunction with the scale. For instance, "Where on this scale would you rate the flavour of strawberries?" or "Where on this scale would you rate going to France for a holiday for a fortnight ?". Moreover, the scale does not change its characteristics over time and, therefore, it can be used from one year to another. All these advantages are of great importance.

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