Scanner-based data applications for improving FMCG sales and marketing efforts

Date of publication: September 1, 1995

Author: Thomas Harris


Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) data from grocery store scanners have led a revolution in the way manufacturers and retailers use data for strategic and tactical decision making. The industry continues to change, with more robust, actionable applications becoming available as scanning data are used to guide the salesforce and marketers in seeking out the efficiencies of the marketplace. A wide variety of EPOS applications to enhance the marketing plan have been developed in the USA and have changed the way that retailers and manufacturers look at their businesses. In Europe, the scanner revolution is now taking hold, and opportunities to better target marketing mix understanding are growing concurrently. This paper provides examples of applications available in the USA including applications of promotion effectiveness and geo-demographic based micro-marketing. Uses of EPOS data in Europe for better marketing decision making will also be illustrated.

Thomas Harris


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