Search for the real market and real development: The treatment days analysis

Date of publication: June 15, 1991


1993 and beyond there will be an ongoing harmonisation process of prices, presentations, patent terms, etc. in the pharmaceutical market of the EC. Individual industry and government actions and re-actions in addition will change the market environment. For the market researchers in this field, it will be a challenge to report on these changes, especially to make good trend analyses and prognoses. No real market relations and real trends can be outlined on the basis of sales values alone because the data reflect a mixture of exchange rate fluctuations, price or packaging changes, etc. besides the real market growth. New skills are required, especially for the measurement of marketing activities. The treatment days analysis is based on single dose units sold and average daily dosages. The treatment days are the common denominator for the sales data and will most probably lead closer to the real market and real development.

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