Segmentation by lifestyle of the consumers in Barcelona's metropolitan area

Date of publication: June 15, 1989


In the present paper the main findings from a study done in Barcelona's Metropolitan Area are presented with the purpose of determining the most important existing segments by lifestyles and the implications of these styles in the future of Barcelona's retailing. The lifestyle, defined as a set off attitudes, opinions, scales of values that are reflected on the individual's behavior is becoming a key aspect in retailing, because buying constitutes a significant part of a person's life and therefore is a important way of expressing oneself. Knowing consumer's lyfestyles can help retailers to develop marketing strategies. But also can help to understand and identify the future trends in retailing. After analyzing the responses to 1.000 questionnaires administered in Barcelona's Metropolitan Area, nine lifestyles Were detected which have been "baptized" as Pensive, Settled, Modern, Resented, Involved, Modest, Mature, Indifferent, and Active. The differences in their purchase behaviors, specially the aspects related to store selection, were analyzed as well. Finally, the implications on Barcelona's presente and future retailing are presented.

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