Segmentation of doctors types

Date of publication: June 15, 1970


I shall try and start by illustrating some of the internal pressures among our marketing staff; which led to the decision to use data processing and the computer for analysis of basic information about the group of people who constitute our customers, the prescribing physicians. Every pharmaceutical company is aware of the criticism from both government and public sources that its promotional methods are expensive and not always tailored strictly enough to the needs of the doctors. This particularly concerns direct mailing. We felt, therefore, that if we knew more about the doctors and could organise this information into easily retrievable, accurate and relevant groupings then we would have a marketing tool which would enable us to be selective in our approach to the doctor. This would enable us to focus our mailings on groups of doctors more likely to be interested in their content and thus avoid the charge of using a hammer to kill a fly. There are additional economic benefits of course - mainly costs, as not only fewer stamps and envelopes are needed, but the print order can be tailored to the number of doctors we intend to contact. You may like to see a typical costing we developed showing the saving compared to overall mailing shots.

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