Shifting the scene, shifting focus

Date of publication: June 15, 1990

Author: Sandra Minnee


Innovation is the key word of the nineties. As changes take place in rapid succession, greater demands will be made on the innovative capabilities of organizations. Innovation is not only needed in the field of product development and the creation of new markets, but also in the field of management and organization. Qualitative research skills can prove to be invaluable for this. The provision of insight into psychological needs and the search for new solutions to problems can be usefully applied in more areas than just traditional market research. Possibilities for diversification are found by shifting the scene to other markets and by shifting focus from research to training. Qualitative researchers can shift the scene from the external to the internal 'market', by doing organization research within organizations. They can also shift the scene from research-intensive sectors to less research-intensive sectors, for example by doing design-research in the creative sector. The focus can be shifted from research to the training of professionals outside the research line of business. This paper will show how these possibilities for diversification can be utilized, which situations may need to be dealt with and which results are aimed at. Diversification offers the current qualitative market researcher different forms of longer-term consultancy and several roles to choose from. Innovative managers and marketeers, as well as designers and creators can benefit from the profound insight into significant groups and the possibilities for stimulating creativity that qualitative research skills are all about.

Sandra Minnee


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