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Date of publication: June 15, 1989



This paper examines the origins of and changes in current attitudes of 55 to 65-year- olds, in Belgium today. The research provides an insight into the language, both verbal and symbolic, which should or should not be used when communicating with the 55 - 65 age group. Although from a rational point of view, specific words and symbols were found to be acceptable, emotionally they were rejected. Communication was found to be filtered visually and kinesthetically, rather than auditively. The paper describes and explains the changes from external to internal and the expansion of the age group's frame of reference. Their basic attitudes, their changed perception of time have particular consequences when dealing with this age group, especially in services. Advertising proved to be viewed quite differently by this elder generation. Print advertising with extensive informative body copy attracts their most intense attention. Finally the paper describes how the 55-65 age group reaches out for the world and gets in contact with it and how they sort out their information and stimuli. Specific examples in areas such as shopping, food, textiles, luxury goods and banking illustrate the conclusions drawn and the marketing recommendations made.

Lucienne Hellebosch


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