Date of publication: June 15, 1992


Work has been continuing for some time now in Switzerland on an electronic Single-Source survey instrument. The procedure has been carried out gradually. This means that in 1986 the device was first tested only in the consumer field in about 25 households. The surprise result was the level of acceptance of this new method as well as the few problems associated with it. The second test in 1987 was hardly a complete Single-Source survey, but nonetheless the test families were the households of Research department members. These households were equipped with the latest version of the TELECONTROL viewer measuring device, as well as with the TELECONTROL-compatible Consumer-Media-Control device. The entire eleven-week test with specialists produced very worthwhile results and indications in terms of both software and hardware. There were no problems with installation, and technical operations, including the daily data call back, went off without, a hitch. The primary aim of this test was to try out these functions. The third test, which was also carried out in 1987 was to evaluate the level of acceptance of the Consumer-Media-Control device in average households over a longer period of time. In 18 house- holds , the dally purchase an a media usage (without TV) of all family members (a total of 48 people over the age of 13) were recorded over a six-week period. The idea of the Single-Source survey through a CMC device worked flawlessly. However, households or rather families did not (yet) appear to be ideal as a target group.

Matthias Steinmann


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