Software for social and market research


The paper deals with the problems and prospects of creating and usage of software for social surveys and market research in Ukraine. The experience of SOCIS (an associate member of GALLUP International) is examined. To make it easier to understand the Ukrainian situation for social and market research the brief description of social and economic environment in Ukraine is given in the beginning of the paper. The status and position of Ukraine amongst other European countries is examined. This seems to be especially important under the situation when more and more multinational companies are entering Ukrainian market and more and more research companies operating internationally are offering their clients the possibility to conduct market research in Ukraine. The special attention is given to the situation within computer and software markets in Ukraine. The retrospective review of sociological science in Ukraine is followed by the detailed analysis of the past and present of Ukrainian experience in conducting large scale opinion polls and market research. The current situation is analyzed with respect to the existing practice of the SOCIS company, which started to work as a social survey and market research company amongst the first independent private companies and at the moment where the words 'marketing’ and 'market research' were known only to a few specialists. The necessity to use the up-to-date hardware and software was fully recognised by SOCIS from the very first minute of its existence. But the usage of modem western developments was rather limited due to the economic reasons.

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