Some conflicting situations in researching home and international markets

Date of publication: August 1, 1967

Author: Jan Urbanek


Czechoslovakia traditionally depends upon international business and nearly half of its gross national product is developed in export and import business. Scarce sources of raw materials and internal position without direct access to sea or ocean make this situation not only historical but also lasting for future. Distinctive feature of a successful exporter is that his activities are fully market-orientated because buyer's market is prevailing now in most of the world markets in more and more branches of business activities. On the other hand we still feel at home more or less strong influence of seller's market. Contrary to common expectations this influence is felt more strongly in capital industry goods than in consumer products. So, consequently, export business plays the role of catalyst in the minds of those whom more easy conditions in the home market might induce thinking more in the terms of product than in the terms of present and future market needs. But even here comes an influential assistant to help these minds and this is the import business.

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