Something is moving in OOH audiences

Date of publication: June 20, 2005


This paper describes the work and development in obtaining audience measurements of bus advertising in Spain during the past two years. The results are based on the actual measurement system for OOH, called Geomex, actually used for all media planners for static outdoor audience evaluation and the information given by GPS devices installed in all buses of Barcelona for tracking and control purposes. The requirements of this project have been complex. Bus data tracking generates more than 500 million records. The journey time model approach for each individual is based on probabilities of each second. These specifications have made Geotrans one of the toughest computing processes that we have developed. The advantages of the system are the full integration with the rest of OOH, the reach and frequency of combined networks of static outdoor and bus panels can be calculated and all OOH audience evaluation is obtained by media agencies in the same way and with the same software as any other media.

Daniel Cuende


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