Sporting activities

Date of publication: June 15, 1982

Company: GfK

Author: Werner Till


This paper shows a brief analysis of the present-day situation in Austria with regard to skiing - a sporting activity which is of great importance in that country. The paper focuses on the local market situation, in this case the population of Austria as consumers of skiing products in the broadest sense. The classification of the consumer segmentation is based on the most recent survey, carried out at the end of 1981/ beginning of 1982. This paper attempts to show how market segmentation can provide some answers and assist in decisions to be made at a time when skiing potential in Austria appears to have become stagnant, ie. when no 'natural' expansion of the market is to be expected. A very precise and well directed communication strategy needs to be applied which cannot be conceived without carrying out specific research to obtain detailed information. The paper also includes a brief discussion of shifts from one kind of sport to another, in particular between Alpine and cross-country skiing.

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