Ceremony: SSI Quest Awards

Date of publication: June 15, 2016

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW

Author: Chris Fanning


The SSI Quest Awards encourage industry creativity and innovation in surveys that lead to high respondent satisfaction. Chris Fanning, President & CEO of SSI, will present the 7th edition of the QUEST Awards. We are changing up the way we present The 7th annual SSI Quest Awards this year. With the continuous rise of mobile, SSI has created two award tracks for 2016. The Quest - X Awards are given to the companies that have the best "post" survey scores from respondents. The Quest - M Awards are given to companies that scored the highest Quest Test Scores for mobile responsiveness. Come see what makes a particular mobile survey great, who takes the lead for the median survey length time and much more.

Chris Fanning


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Respondent Engagement

Catalogue: Webinars 2022

Author: Nancy Brigham

Company: Dynata

September 29, 2022

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