Stalled or just running slow? Teleworking

Date of publication: June 15, 1994

Author: James P. King


This case study illustrates a reengineering of traditional market research in line with the call for papers for this seminar - market research was an integral part of the development process and not just a data supplier. Researchers from both the Client and Agency were involved in both the marketing and market research dynamics of this project. This paper mainly deals with a very specific aspect of the teleworking process - setting budgets and equipment levels for teleworkers. It derives from a two-part research program which involved:  an initial, fact finding study on teleworking among large corporations in Canada, and a series of mini-discussion groups with a sampling of corporate teams recruited from the fact finding study. These sessions covered many aspects of teleworking. In order to help decision makers think through the implications of teleworking for their organization, the Market Research Department of the Telco produced a video illustrating different 'types' of corporate teleworker. The modules depicted the kind of equipment and telephone services that would be appropriate for each type of worker. To help simulate the budgeting and choice process for each of the relevant modules, an interactive software program (OPTIONS) was utilized. This Computer Assisted Interviewing simulates a buying decision - allowing respondents to build their 'ideal' package, change their mind, try out different combinations of features etc.

James P. King


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