Steirerbrau information system

Date of publication: June 15, 1992


The general trend towards decentralizing data processing is further emphasized by the specific requirements and structures of information existing in the various departments of a large company. What Steirerbrau needed most, besides technical parameters, was an information system offering standardized and yet flexible evaluations, possibilities for carrying out analyses in an interactive process and visualization of aggregated results for presentation purposes as well as simple operation. After having tested various systems the choice eventually was a system that proved its practicability when used with external data: the INF* ACT Workstation. In the sales area the simultaneous availability of internal and external data opens up interesting opportunities for analytical work. The situation in the area of production proved particularly complex: a myriad of most diverse parameters, data from various pre systems and lists, partly manual evaluations. In spite of technical difficulties, however, an integrated information system was created in this field also.

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