Storytelling to transform insights to action

Date of publication: May 28, 2020

Catalogue: Webinars 2020


Storytelling helps insights professionals to drive change by engaging decision-makers. Effective storytelling goes beyond the data to use emotion as a key driver for decision making. In addition to human intelligence that's required to craft compelling stories, technology can help the storyteller to present the information in an interactive and engaging way, make sure it's always up to date, and promote it to stakeholders.


For example, at Philips, too much data and a drive to do more with less prompted the deployment of the Eureka market insights platform. On Eureka, insights managers transform research into stories which they broadcast with expert channels to drive business engagement that brings customer-centricity to light.


In this webinar, our guest speaker Cinny Little, storytelling expert and principal analyst at Forrester Research will share best practices for storytelling used by the most mature and forward-thinking firms. Then Market Logic will show how market insights platforms are used to craft and push essential stories to the business. Finally, Fenny Leautier will share a 2020 case study on storytelling at Philips.

You'll learn:


-5 principles for creating a great data story that people remember

-How to align your data story with what matters most to an audience

-Technologies to present stories and promote them to decision-makers

-Key learnings from Philips to bring a compelling data story to life


Listen to this webinar today and learn how you can drive the change you want using the power of data storytelling.

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Cinny Little


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