Strategic target-group research: A new perspective for users

Date of publication: September 1, 1990


The task and objectives we set ourselves, and which brought us to SINUS, can be described as follows: 1. Identification of the existing market segments, along with the potential demand in the business and private flight market which is relevant for Lufthansa. 2. Analysis and description of these target groups viz. potentials, paying due regard to all the relevant psychological, everyday-life and life style factors as well as their attitudes, motives, expectations and decisions relating to products and supply. 3. Quantification of the results and elaboration of representative data on the structures, potentials and typologies of the target groups in the air travel market. 4. Examination and representation of the connections between the changes in values and the attitudes, motives, behaviour and structures in the pro- duct field air travel. 5. Portrayal of the thus resulting chances and risks for the product and price policies, as well as for the communication and self-presentation of the concern. 6. Construction of a continuous market observation system in order to be able to record and predict alterations in both the market and the environment in good time. 7. Development of an indicator for target groups and potentials in order to be able to identify relevant segments.

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