Streaming TV: Making the connection

Date of publication: June 1, 2008


Online TV viewing has proven most dynamic last year. The Netherlands has the second largest broadband penetration in the world and is a forerunner in streaming of TV programmes. The association of public broadcasters NPO includes video on demand services since 2002. In October 2007 more than 10 million streams of TV programmes were requested. RLT broadcasting group, MTV and other broadcasters also offer similar streaming services. Today broadcasters produce their own reports on programmes streaming performance, but the TV industry expressed to SKO the need of a comprehensive, transparent and independent report that estimates new online audiences. The first TV audience reports containing TV streams will be issued from April 2008. This will be the first time to report online TV viewing as extension to traditional viewing. Our presentation reviews the new streaming report which enables programme performance evaluation, by combining actual TV ratings with the number of requested streams for a given broadcast. In our paper we show reported streaming TV content which not only includes regular programmes, but also additional content that is only shown online. We will present our first results and we will further outline the opportunities to integrate on-line viewing with TV audiences in the future.

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