Sustaining personal mobility in the evolving urban living context

Date of publication: March 3, 2008

Catalogue: Automotive 2008



The symbiosis of developers (business), government agencies, and consumer desires is entering a new era in the US market, bringing the consumer lifestyle to places it has never been; but one might argue more inline with other global standards. The New Urbanism and urban-living movements in the United States represent some of the most exciting consumer movements for the next decade and beyond.This urban-living movement in the United States has major implications for how manufacturers can attempt to meet the personal mobility needs of the consumers. It also has environmental implications as the convergence is unique in that business, government, and consumers' needs are invisibly partnered towards the same goal: the goal of a sustainable society.This means for the automotive brands the requirement to develop new channels and new positions in the consumer minds: to extend the traditional brands into the consumer's mind when thinking of personal mobility and sustainability within new communities/urban settings. At a minimum, this requires a renewed emphasis on such new brand channels or brand extensions.

Kevin M. Joostema


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