Synergistic co-creation

Date of publication: April 20, 2010


The paper titled Synergistic Co-creation demonstrated the importance of a strategic partnership between the client, market research agency and end consumer, illustrating two case studies wherein the agency partnered with the client to gain insights into designing and positioning offerings, thereby expediting 'go to market strategies' In the first case study, Lumiere partnered strategically with Godrej Interio, a furniture brand, from conception of design ideas in 3-D versions, pre-search, consumer and cultural archetyping to concept designing, short listing winning ideas and ultimately development of the winning idea into a finished offering for consumers. The outcome: An almost impossible to replicate design, a common drawback faced by furniture manufacturers in India. In the second case study, the Lumiere research team partnered with the Godrej design and development team to create a virtual world on the internet for the corporate to showcase its new-age image. The site would host entertainment zones, fantasies, themes, shops etc. for the community to buy goods and services besides serving as a platform to generate new ideas from a prospective consumer mindset. This study went beyond the codes of customary qualitative research to harness the synergy between the Godrej brand owners and insights team, virtual world designers, consumers's panels and Lumiere to co-create an innovative and exciting consumer experience in the virtual world.

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