Taking a fresh look at old markets


Societies all over the world are changing at a rate faster than ever before, affecting virtually all levels of social, political, and economic life. Markets are going through similar processes, moving increasingly from mass products to products designed for niche markets and highly discerning consumers. Hence it is crucial to understand the dynamics and the effects of social change. These insights need to be transformed into innovative products, marketing, and communication strategy. Equally important, understanding social change must become an integral part of management culture in order to effectively pilot companies through the turbulence of change. SocioConsult uses a socio-cultural approach designed specifically for the purpose of assisting companies in the management of social and economic change. Created by Cofremca (France) and SINUS (Germany), two of Europe's leading agencies in strategic and marketing research, SocioConsult draws on nearly two decades of experience. It combines the best of Europe's know-how and research methodologies (i.e. 3SC and Everyday-Life Research) to address the needs of companies operating within complex markets both nationally and internationally.

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