Taking the english apple to Spain

Date of publication: June 15, 1993


This paper discusses the background to the Adams launch into Spain. The approach to the research and methodology are covered in some detail. The foundation for the research programme was provided by an appraisal of the Spanish retail scene conducted by the project team. The research methodology involved a series of Accompanied Shopping Trips followed by a main programme of Extended Focus Groups, during the course of which all aspects of the Adams' proposition - from name and logo through product range and store interiors- were assessed by the Spanish consumer. The paper describes how each of these elements were communicated in the groups and discusses some of the findings. The research confirmed the very real opportunity for the Adams proposition in Spain. Guided by the findings, in December, 1992 Adams opened two outlets. Both of these have been a phenomenal success. Adams now has the opportunity to fully exploit its launch by immediately following through with further store openings, a number of which are planned for this year.

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