Talking to Brazilian women: 30 years of history

Date of publication: September 1, 1992


Studies that track te are not very frequent are very common in th hard to find in that behaviour and advertisively, approaches to our intention was to analysis of what might happen in the long term. The objective of the product categories (food, home appliances, make-up and women clothes) have evolved in the last 30 years in Brazil. "Claudia" was the mag data. It is certainly the most rappresentative feminine magazine in Brazil. The study was developed mainly to identify changes at the length of 30 years. In-fact, many signs of changes were found. However, during the analysis of the data collected, we started to perceive that the stability signs were also and even more important. The analysis concerned with: . Language and creative style . Product messages . User imagery traits . Structural aspects of advertising construction. In all these dimensions we observed that at the side of some changes, great stability in the advertising of the four product categories exists, even though constant up- dating of creative approach leads to visual changes in the ads.

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