Target groups redefined

Date of publication: June 15, 1993


At the suggestion of the BURDA publishing company in OfFenburg— publisher of Mein schoner Garten, the gardening magazine with the largest circulation in Europe-the Allensbach Institute has for the first time tested the 'flow' concept developed by the Chicago psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi within the framework of a representative survey, with the aim of ascertaining the nature and extent of the sense of happiness experienced in the garden. Another important goal of the survey was to determine whether this instrument could provide more finely differentiated target group definitions and substantiate target group qualities. The findings of the multi-stage study show that gardeners who experience a great degree of happiness in the garden comprise a very important target group for gardening magazines. They use gardening magazines with above- average intensity and exhibit especially strong publication loyalty. They spend more than average for their gardens and consult gardening magazines more frequently before making significant purchases. Having a large share of gardeners who experience flow when gardening among the readership of a specific publication is thus an important marketing argument with respect to both readers and advertisiers. Above and beyond this, the study also offers important suggestions for articles and editorials. Based on the characteristics of persons who experience flow, as identified in the study, the gardening magazines can demonstrate how gardening leads to happiness, thus prompting more people to discover gardening as a source of joy.

Rüdiger Schulz


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