Targeting the outdoor audience using research to build a new outdoor medium

Date of publication: June 15, 1990


Adshel Superlite is a new medium from More O'Ferrall. It was launched as recently as 1987 in the UK and enjoyed immediate success. The medium is 1.8m x 1.2m back illuminated panels on bus shelters. There are now more than 19000 across the country - and the numbers are still growing. Adshel Superlites are normally sold in pre-set campaigns, the most usual being 2500 panels for a period of two or four weeks. Regional and upweighted campaigns are also available. The strengths of the medium are: a) Its visual impact (magazine reproduction standards with backlighting and 24 times bigger than a magazine page). b) Its audience size and the profile of that audience. c ) The unique distribution of its panels in virtually every roajor town and city in the UK. From the start More O'Ferrall was aware of the need to demonstrate this to advertisers and agencies by the continuous use of research. This paper describes the contribution made to the growth of Adshel Superlite by both industry based and specially commissioned research. Adshel Superlite represents the new face of outdoor advertising in the UK. It is a new outdoor medium; it is bright and innovative; it is sold in campaigns that are easy to buy and that take good commercial sense to advertisers; and it knows precisely the audience it reaches and its impact on that audience.

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