Technology, strategic management and marketing

Date of publication: September 1, 1990

Author: Rudy Frambach


Due to the accelerating pace in which technological developments occur nowadays, technology is becoming an increasingly important strategic aspect. Therefore an increase in impact of technological issues on competitive relations can be observed. It makes the incorporation of technology in corporate strategy and the marketing function essential. In strategic business literature, this has not received enough thorough attention up to now. Most managerial approaches to technology take the concept itself as a starting point. This is incorrect from a marketing and strategical point of view. Marketing and strategy start their analyses from the customer and the environment respectively. It is the purpose of this article to gain greater insight with regard to the link between technology, strategic management and marketing. We commence with an overview linking these elements. The familiar categorization of strategic management into corporate, business and operational level is used for this purpose. Furthermore, an integrated instrument of analysis for management is formulated. The authors propose a management approach to the firm's resource base and competitive position, which uses a market-based classification of technology in addition to the traditional typology of technology. This theoretical framework makes the translation of developments of technology push and market pull into potential distinctive competences, which form the firm's basis of sustainable competitive advantage.

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