Telematics at the service of marketing

Date of publication: June 15, 1987


Today, the search for efficiency and productivity has taken on new forms. For equal technical and financial attitudes and potentials, this competition is hereinafter based on new criteria: the quality of the data-transmission and the service offered in general. In the service industry, these notions have become essential. This naturally applies to SOFRES which, in its profession of data gathering, data processing and data analysis, must master new technologies in order to continue being the leader in the French market . Today the use of videotex is a necessary condition for success. In order to situate SOFRES strategy within the general context, this paper will first present the French videotex universe (in French "TELEMATIQUE" hereinafter referred to as "TELEMATICS"), the structures and functions of the companies involved in telematics, and the explanation of how these new techniques can be applied to market research.

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