The AGB intomart television audience system

Author: Edouard Hustinx


AGB started in 1986 the development of COMTEL (Common Television audience measurement system). This was done as a joint venture between AGB UK, Intomart and AGB Italy. But since COMTEL only produces the daily reports Intomart decided to develop their own Special Analysis system. At first to give the clients the possibility to calculate the same results as before but at this moment quite a few new analysis have been programmed. So now using peoplemeters and the advanced COMTEL software we create reports every day about viewing behaviour and the clients (now known as users) dial in to browse the reports on-line and everything is menu-driven. Now if a client is interested in Special Analysis he will not need Intomart people at all. He dials in and following the menus he is able to run the analysis himself. As one can imagine all this is quite a change for the clients and for the people working at Intomart. This paper will inform you about the new situation.

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