The application of a long and medium term M.M.I.S.A.T Colgate-Palmolive

Date of publication: June 15, 1980

Author: Janine Rouas


Only a flexible, sophisticated and scientifically based system can give a satisfactory answer all sides can agree to and use as rational guidelines for the future. Colgate- Palmolive utilizes a MMIS to analyse the effect of its marketing-mix and to give medium and long-range sales forecasts. In addition to data processing the main role of this MMIS is to process and evaluate market information. The structure of this MMIS, which has become known in Europe under the name of MARKET, and some of its possible applications will be discussed in the paper "FORSYS/MAVIS and MAR- KET/E. I.S. - forecasting-oriented information systems for use on the operational and strategic levels of decision making" by J.M. Becher. Here, the structure of a multivariate market model is to be described, which Colgate-Palmolive uses to explain and forecast the market for nappies in an European country. This model was constructed with the above mentioned system and is being continuously up-dated.

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