The application of retail audit information in the Middle East

Author: Tony Antoniou


This paper describes how standard Retail Audit data can be enhanced "Management Information". The dynamism seen in the F.M.C.G's in the Middle East markets over the past two years with the explosive launch of new brands has focused the emphasis of this paper onto measuring the relative progress of the launch of new brands and ultimately at an early stage predicting their final success in the market. The ideas expressed in this paper have by no means been fully validated and are given as a hypothesis for further testing. They are produced in response to the request of many internal decision makers who, anxious about the launch of their brands, are looking for ways of monitoring the validity of their marketing strategy without relying on wishful and unrealistic climbs in share. This paper proposes that for new brand launches one needs to monitor and focus on four Retail Audit variables. These are classified as "Total marketing response variables" as they are seen to reflect a measure of how both consumers and retailers react to the various marketing activities occurring at any point in time. One of the four key variables that the paper introduces is the concept of the "Stock Pressure Index." The paper concludes by summarising the conceptual model for using Retail Audit data to predict the success of a new brand.

Tony Antoniou


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