The art of the possible

Date of publication: June 15, 1995


This paper looks at the roles of the different communication channels, but particularly focuses on the synergistic relationship between them. A clear understanding of how above the line advertising works (and how TV advertising works in particular) reveals the opportunity for one element of the marketing mix to leverage another, creating an effect that is more than the sum of the individual components. We touch upon the relationship between advertising and sampling, advertising and promotions, advertising and sponsorship, and TV and print advertising. We also discuss the implications for the research industry which has a role to fulfill in re- flaming the expectations of marketeers. It can do this by understanding the likely effects in advance of the campaign, through knowledge of the scale of that campaign and, drawing upon the learning that exists as to how the individual channels work. In addition, the more hard data that we can generate from sales modelling on the bottom line benefits of campaigns, the more we can draw conclusions about the returns that different routes are likely to provide.

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