The beauty of enhanced TV

Date of publication: June 18, 2004


ABC Television and Initiative conducted research to quantify the impact of Enhanced TV (ETV), an interactive application employed during the primetime broadcast of Miss America on ABC Television, September 20th, 2003. Respondents were grouped into two samples: Control (those who viewed the program but did not interact on any platform), and ETV (those who viewed the program and interacted with the PC application on Enhanced TV). Overall, users reported that interactivity gave them a better viewing experience and were more likely to claim 'full attention' while watching the program. Moreover, users who spent more time with the program had higher attention levels and advertiser recall. The ability to be a participant with interactive content as the show's story line unfolds engages viewers more deeply in not only the program, but also in relevant advertising. ETV also enables audiences to delve into specific areas of interest, offering a means to seek out more customized media experiences. ETV and the convergence of PC functionality with Television programming is a capability that will continue to evolve rapidly in the future. It is likely that fully functional interactivity eventually will be become an expected element of TV functionality on its own.

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