The brand triad in Europe (German)

Date of publication: September 1, 1992


The brand triad has become a crucial instrument of communication planning in Germany today. It enables the gradual route taken by consumer potentials along the path to the goal of brand usage to be traced step by step, as well as analysing the status of the brand personality in the eyes of consumers. The primary aim of the EuroCA survey, whose findings are presented on the pages that follow, was to scrutinize 30 brands in terms of the brand triad in relation to women in five West European countries. The survey was less concerned to come up with detailed findings for individual brands than to pinpoint the ways in which the brand triad functions, both in general and when applied to specific countries The most significant findings 1. The brand triad functions In Europe, too, the brand triad functions along the lines to be anticipated on the basis of the findings relating to the 5,(XX) brands surveyed in the Communications Analysis. 2. The brand triad differentiates Apart from characteristics peculiar to the brand in question, socio- cultural and historico-geographical criteria relating to a specific brand have an influence on the brand triad. The brand triad facilitates the definition of national, multinational and Eurobrands.

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