The capital image

Date of publication: June 15, 1991


Studies carried out on the press in the majority of cases concentrate on investigations of the readership. Focusing on the various types of readers of a single title, and classifying them both socio-demographically and in terms of social behaviour, is of course extremely important. However it is clear that media research should not neglect the raising of questions relating to the title itself. The displacement of the focus of research to the medium itself through indicators such as degree of familiarity, affinity, and attractiveness, promotes an understanding of what goes into making up the image assets of a title. Since 1982 BVA has been developing measurement studies whose aim is precisely to focus on the image of the tides in the major press families. In association with Diapason, we carry out regular investigations on the general information press, TV journalism and women's press. In the course of the "New Publishing Strategies" seminar, held in Hamburg in 1989 I outlined the theoretical and methodological foundation of such studies.

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