The computerised automatic ironing machine

Date of publication: June 15, 1986


In this paper, a global survey will be reported about the potential demand for a computerised automatic ironing machine, which was in the final stage of development at the time the survey was carried out in June/July 1985. The survey was comprised of samples of 2,5 households in North America (U.S. and Canada) and in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Holland, U.K.) and a total of 22 focus-groups. The survey was carried out with the help of CATI procedures from two central locations, Amsterdam and Philadelphia, using mother-tongue linguist interviewers. The research programme also included a desk-research programme, which was backed up by specialists’ knowledge of the market of household durables by the agencies involved. The survey was commissioned by AIM Technology of Perth Australia, which has secured patents world-wide. The objective of the survey was to estimate the short-term potential demand in terms of units at a retail price level of U.S.S 600.- or the equivalent in local currency. This was realized through the determination of the ’need' for such a product, the degree of household ’robotization’, by measuring attitudes at various levels and by providing a profile of potential early buyers.

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