The convergence revolution

Date of publication: November 7, 2004


Convergence is a broad term that defines the coming together of technologies and industries in delivering wired and wireless voice and data content. This paper assesses global Internet trends and examines the five key drivers of convergence in the mobile phone industry. Convergence of advanced applications and features in a mobile device is an imminent reality: it is simply a question of when and what applications and features will resonate for users in various regions of the world. While convergence of technology infrastructure and industries is inevitable, divergence of wireless mobile products based on individual, regional, and industrial differences will lead to a plethora of wireless gadgets and applications; there will not be a one-size-fits-all approach to mobile device multi-feature configuration. Acceptance of advanced mobile device applications and features will be dependent on the proliferation of the Internet in each market. Does the experience of using the Internet on a PC drive stronger usage through a mobile device, or does the desire to simply gain access to the Internet and content drive new product development for mobile devices? The answer likely lies somewhere in the middle and varies between different regions of the world.

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