The creativity factor as an important variable in the understanding of campaign effect

Date of publication: September 1, 1993


This paper is of interest to researchers and marketers involved in communication strategy - from the development of creative ideas to media planning and tracking: The ultimate goal of the study described in this paper is to demonstrate the value of strong creativity. Today many advertisers look at production costs and media spending as advertising expenditure. However, the waste of time and money on running inefficient campaigns is often overlooked! The Creativity Factor has a direct influence on media planning. No doubt, more effective advertising requires less spending to achieve the same goal. Creativity is not a constant factor. Good creativity may even accumulate in effect over time - poor creativity has little effect and quickly wears out When to change or renew a campaign is also an important media and market- ing decision. Many studies have shown what advertising can do for new brands. Today's reality is more geared towards maintaining and developing existing brands or line extensions, however. Here a more nuanced picture is needed to establish a Creativity Factor. Advertising should persuade "non or infrequent users" whereas its purpose as far as "loyalists" are concerned is reinforcement. This is an overlooked fact in most advertising research discussions. Our study continues, with the inclusion of scanner retail data and incorporating cognitive brand effect measures. The latter, in combination with the Creativity Factor, will provide important insight for the development of a marketing decision model.

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