The demand for concerts of classical music

Date of publication: September 1, 1995


Three Dutch orchestras approached Intomart and SEO for a demand analysis regarding concerts of classical orchestral music in the Amsterdam area. The main object was to determine the attributes that constitute concerts of classical music, as well as the relative weights of these concert attributes. The problem has been approached by a hybrid mix of conjoint measurement and a strongly generalized own brand of logit analysis (ROA). Some 1100 respondents have been offered varying subsets of 32 vignettes of concert offers, most of them fictitious but not unrealistic. From the analysis it is possible to determine the change in demand for classical concerts as a consequence of a change in an attribute value, as well as the price compensation necessary in order keep the level of demand unchanged. According to our knowledge this is the first study on the demand for classical concerts making use of vignettes. Furthermore, it is one of the first applications where the collection of data by supplying vignettes is blended with fairly sophisticated econometric techniques for discrete choice analysis.

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